Email Template

An email template has been set up by the Save Womanby St Campaign Group.

Please take 5 mins to send an email to your locally elected Councillor or AM, MP or even MEP.

Dear Cllr (insert name),

I am writing to you to show my support for Cardiff’s ‘Save Womanby Street’ campaign. It is vital that we protect the music and culture that define this city and the heart of it that’s located on Womanby Street. Due to recent developments it has highlighted to me the danger that faces our venues on the street, in particular, noise complaints from neighbouring properties.

I believe that Cardiff Council should examine and amend its local development plan to mark Womanby Street as an area of cultural significance in music and the performance arts. The LDP plan is the Council’s statement as to what type of developments it expects and wishes to support. This change would be a welcome signal that Cardiff Council accepts Womanby St as the hub for music and culture that it has been for many many years.

I hope as my elected representative, you will be able to raise the issue and a call for a change to the LDP in full council on the next possible occasion. Furthermore I hope you would be willing to air your support for the ‘Save Womanby Street’ campaign.


Feel free to tweak the content of the email in whatever way you feel you need to. The more voices that are added to the campaign, the better.