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Welcome to Metal Wales

So, what’s it all about then?
Metal Wales is here to give Welsh Metal, Rock and Alternative music a home on the internet. The site is intended to provide details of gigs, bands and venues within the Principality.

Well, as a fan of this type of music, I always thought that there was a lack of music on this side of the Severn Bridge. I always moaned about bands missing out Cardiff, Newport and the rest of Wales when they announced their UK tours. To some bands and promoters, the UK consists of England and perhaps the odd town in Scotland. Wales never seemed to get a look in.

Can I get involved?
Yes you very much can. We’re always looking for people to produce content for the site. There’s plenty of news out there to report and gigs are being planned all the time. We need people to write reviews of bands they’ve seen live and the venue’s that they saw them at. If you’ve discovered a band or a piece of music you want to review then send it to us at submissions@metalwales.com . We will read your story and publish it as best we can. We cannot pay you for your reviews but may act as referee for future media experiences.

Email us at enquiries@metalwales.com and we’ll get back to you.

Thanks for reading.

Phil Giles
Editor / Publisher.