Hangfire play one more time.

Hangfire have been off the Metal Wales radar for a year or so now, having posted on Facebook that they’re no longer a “functioning band”. The band mates too busy with their lives to play again. However in support of Scotty’s Little Soldiers, a charity dedicated to supporting children & young people who have lost a parent whilst serving in the British Armed Forces, three of the original line up have got together with a young whippersnapper in tow to play a final gig at the Patriot.

No tickets, just a £5.00 donation on the door. They’ll be joined by Fireroad, Gin Annie and V0id (who were in fine fettle on Saturday last).

The shenanigans take place on Friday 27th June as part of the Patriot’s Armed Forces weekend.

Check out the Patriot’s Facebook Page here.

Have a look at the good work being undertaken by Scotty’s Little Soldiers here.