The Rock and Roll Circus

Relentless marketing on Facebook over the last few months for this gig promised a night of great Welsh music. As this is a blog dedicated to that very thing, I thought I’d better attend! Five local bands playing live for just £4 is a gift and the night did not disappoint.

The show kicked off with Merthyr’s Philo Beddoe Band. A classic rock band five piece but disappointingly no Orangutan. I had hoped that they’d have a song called “Right Turn Clyde” but it wasn’t to be. However, “Iron and Steel”, a tribute to the bands home town played with real relish was the stand out song of their set.

Black Water Chemistry were second on the bill. A much heavier sound in contrast to Philo’s southern style. Appealing more to the younger members of the audience with their “screamo” style but still very enjoyable. They gave their all and the vocals showed a sincere emotion in the songs that was strange to hear.

V0id are next up on stage. They’ve been around for a while and the last album is a few years old now. I’m looking forward to some new music from these guys. They didn’t disappoint on that front. Sounding better and better each time I catch these guys. Keep Fighting!

The penultimate band on stage are a Metal Wales favourite. Not sure that I’ve seen them play since the release of their latest EP so this should be a treat. Everyday Heroes have matured in front of our very eyes (and they still look like they’ve just left school!)

Every performance from these boys gives 100% effort and coupled with the announcement that their first album is due shortly gave tonight’s show an extra little boost. A cracking set, ending with chants of “we want more” from the audience.

Swansea based Psycho Kiss rounded off the night with the only female voice. After an amazing evening would it be wrong to say that not to have the Heroes on as headliner was perhaps the wrong decision. I lasted just two songs before I decided to call it a night and head (ears ringing) back to Cardiff.

Finally it has to be said that a gig of this quality that’s cost £4 per person is the bargain of the year. I’d have quite happily paid double that to see these acts. The boys from The Rock and Roll Circus must bankroll these events and walk away with very empty pockets. An audience of just 50 people probably didn’t cover the hire of the hall let alone any payments made to the bands. Kudos to them for putting on such an incredible evening of live music.

It’s a showcase for the massive talent that’s in South Wales. It’s not just limited to The Stereophonics or Manic’s.