New layout for Steelhouse 2018

The amazing folks at Steelhouse have been having a think about how to make things a little easier to park at this years festival. After a couple of washouts in the past few years and especially after last years festival, a change was needed.

The Arena is still in the same spot that it always was but the Car Parks have moved from the top end of the festival site and are now just at the top of the Steelhouse cobbles. They’re closer to the camp sites and should make lugging your gear a but easier.

As we fast approach a glorious, sunny weekend of rock on top of The Mountain we think it’s time we told you about our site re-design and road improvements.

We’re listening to you and whilst we can’t make the access road as smooth as a billiard table, we’re trying our hardest to make it a little less ‘exciting’. SO, no small amount of investment has been sunk into drainage, stone and sweeping systems that will hopefully make your journey up to the site a little more comfortable.

Once you’re there, you’ll see that the position of the car parks have changed for the majority of vehicles. The change means a shorter drive and walk to campsite entry than even before. Car parks will be enhanced with track way at entry and exit and ample on standby should the weather prove a little ‘inclement’!

As we make these improvements and after multiple calls from you lot to do so, we are implementing a £5 per vehicle parking charge for the whole weekend. Compared to other festival parking rates we think that’s pretty reasonable. All charges will go towards paying for the enhanced infrastructure and site works. Parking will be cash only to be paid upon arrival

Still don’t want to take your vehicle up to the site? No problem. For a couple of quid each way per adult (14’s and under go free!) hop on the ‘SteelhouseRocket’, our brand new shuttle service from Ebbw Vale Parkway train station to the festival and back again. Once again please have your coins ready for payment upon boarding.

At the end of last years festival, we wondered whether it would be better for the Site to remain fallow for a year with the organisers finding another venue for 2018. The investment in the site should pay dividends if the weather lets us down again this year. We hope that the boarding can also be put down around the stage in the arena and in the beer tent.

We certainly deserve a proper summer festival season this year and let’s hope that the weather makes this the best year ever on the mountain.