Oh dear…

In a mix up of epic proportions, staff in the Steelhouse Portacabin have admitted that they made an almighty cock-up when they originally tried to book Myles Kennedy. Steelhouse’s Artist Booker; Avril Twyllo (74), tried to book famous in the 80’s classical punk violinist Nigel Kennedy for the 2018 festival instead.

“We wondered why he was so damn eager to make an appearance at the Festival.” said Steelhouse organiser Mikey “Maximillian” Red. “He’s rung us three times a day since we initially made contact with him. Nige, if you’re reading this then we’re sorry. We’re a classic rock festival. Please stop calling.”

The Festival organisers have since been able to book the legendary Alter Bridge front man Myles as announced recently. He’ll be on the mountain to play Saturday night along with the Deep Purple legend Glenn Hughes.

“We’ve had to let Avril go” admitted Reed. “She also mistook Glenn Hughes for Glenn Frey and he died in 2016.”

He added that the organisers are looking for someone to take over the post of Artist Booker for the 2019 festival. “If you’re interested and can tell your classic rock guitarists from your punk violinists then give us a shout.”

Tickets for this years “Nigel Kennedy free” Steelhouse Festival are still available from https://www.steelhousefestival.com/

( With apologies to our friends at Steelhouse. We do seem to pick on you at this time of year! 😉 )