Fundraising for Steelhouse?

One of the problems with hosting a music festival on top of a mountain in the height of the Welsh summer is always going to be the weather. It’s make or break for some of the attendees and certainly in light of this years festival, the going was soft to down right boggy.

Steelhouse has released 1000 early bird tickets for 2018, 800 of which have already been snapped up by fans of the festival. I certainly hope to get mine soon too.

The great thing about Steelhouse is that the organisers listen to their fans. They’ve announced recently that they will revamp the layout of the festival. There will be new car parks and improved facilities. (Hopefully somewhere other than the beer tent where people can shelter from the elements).

Fans love this festival and rightly so. A couple of fans who run an unofficial Facebook page for the 2018 festival have decided to set up a Crowdfunding page in an effort to raise £5000 to help with the car parking, drainage and walkways.

I applaud their efforts but worry that without support from the organisers, their efforts may fall flat. If you would like to contribute to the boys campaign then their Crowdfunding page can be found here:

I have asked if the guys have spoken to Steelhouse about this and am waiting for an update.