Brexit forces giants to cancel touring plans

The triggering of Article 50 has caused some of the biggest bands in the world to consider cancelling gigs in the UK. A number of bands have expressed doubts over the costs involved in touring in the United Kingdom, doubling without assistance from the European Union. The tours will continue on mainland Europe but bands no longer want to bring their equipment through the Chunnel.

Band’s like Metallica who are due to play a series of gigs in November are checking the spreadsheets to see if continuing on in the UK is actually viable. Amazing drummer Larse Ulrich said “It’s a shame that we had to cancel our Steelhouse appearance last year, it was doable then but what with this Brexit lark we don’t know if it’s still worth coming over.”

“I’m never going to get that chips, cheese and gravy from Caroline Street now” he lamented.

Dave Groool, lead singer and string plucker from the Foo Fighters said “I love playing in the UK but as the cost of a pint is going to go sky high with this Brexit lark then I’m not going to bother.”

Till Lindeman, lead singer of Industrial Metal giants Rammstein, said something in German.

Bad news for the UK festival industry this year. Thank you Brexit.