Statement from Fuel

Rob Toogood, operator and owner of Fuel Rock Club on Womanby Street has released a statement in respect to the Noise Complaint received against the club by a new resident in the area.

This complaint could be utterly devastating for the local music scene as well as the work and money that has gone into making this venue one of the go to destinations for rock and metal in Wales. Hell, even Bruce Dickinson has been in.


Following online reports and after taking advice from our industry and legal advisers, in particular the Music Venue Trust, we can confirm that we have been served with a Noise Abatement Notice by Cardiff City Council.

Since we took over the premises lease full time in November 2013, we have held an average of 3 live gigs a week, in fact we had a sold-out gig on the very first night that we officially owned the place.

We’ve held hundreds of shows since then, a mixture of local bands, touring bands, tribute acts, student events and acoustic shows. We’ve always adhered to our premises licence, and voluntarily stopped live music by 11pm, though our licence allows us to theoretically have it until midnight.

We have strong policies in place to manage noise, so that music of any type is practically inaudible from the front of the building. We also work closely with the police, striving to offer a safe environment for our regular customers.

Since opening we have had no complaints regarding sound levels.

In February we became aware that a new resident had moved into nearby apartments and was repeatedly complaining in person to staff about sound levels. I met with the resident and explained how we operate, giving him my contact details.

A few days later, although we have never been visited by an Environmental Health Officer while we have been trading, we received notice from the Council that they had:
“investigated the complaints and are satisfied that the noise and vibration emanating from your premises amount to a statutory noise nuisance under the Environmental Protection Act 1990.”

We then met with the council staff that served the notice and discussed the issue. Should we not resolve the issue to their satisfaction, there is the threat of large financial penalties and even permanent closure.

With the help of the Music Venue Trust, in particular their Emergency Response Team, we are formulating a response to this serious threat to our future as a live music venue.

All planned events will go ahead and we ask for your support at this time.

Thanks as always.

This cannot be allowed and we need to take action to protest the decision that the Council appear to have arbitrarily made on behalf of the complainent.

We have published an email template that has been put together by the Save Womanby St Campaign group here and we have a list of Cardiff City Councillors. MP’s, AM’s and MEP’s all under the Save Womanby Street menu option above.

Please take five minutes to email the council with your thoughts on the matter and let’s get this decision reversed. The Agent of Change principal needs to become Law and we need to protect all of our grassroots venues to ensure the survival of live music and the places that support it.