Cardiff Council reply

Sooooooo… Cardiff City Council have responded to a query from Wales Online who asked for comment in respect to the Save Womanby Street campaign.

Cardiff Council has responded to Wales Online’s request for comment of which part is featured above. We are disappointed so far to hear a statement with indicates a ‘can’t do’ attitude. We do not believe this is a matter of can or can’t, rather will or won’t. The full wales online statement is below:

A spokesman for the City of Cardiff Council, said: “The Planning Policy Framework is set by national government and not local authorities. We are given to understand that the Mayor of London is proposing to recognise ‘an area of cultural significance for music’ in parts of the Capital but in Wales – this term isn’t recognised in the current Planning Policy Framework.

“In terms of the hotel which recently received planning approval, conditions have been set – so sound proofing will be put in place on either side of the hotel to ensure both road and background noise are mitigated. A further condition is also required to approve the implementation of the soundproofing scheme to the floor/ceiling between the existing bar area and the hotel rooms.”

That’s all well and good but what about the noise complaint from the resident? Are Wetherspoons going to soundproof to the required level? How do we get this policy changed?

My thoughts are that we need to directly approach local Councillors, Assembly Members and MP’s to bring this to their attention. We need legislation changed, not just in Cardiff but nationwide. It’s nice to know that Londoner’s may be getting protection for areas of the Capitol City but this policy needs to be brought in to every city and town in the country, not just London.

Email your local councillor and bring this matter to their attention, not just the “spokesperson”. They are elected by you to work for you so lets make them work.

A list of Councillors can be found under the “Womanby Street” menu option here, as can the list of AM’s, MP’s and MEP’s, (while we’ve still got them). 

If anyone can draft an email then please email me ( and I’ll be happy to publish the template here for you to copy and paste. Let’s see what these people can do when they’re asked.