Proscenium need new blood

Hi everyone! As you know we recently lost two members of Proscenium. It hasn’t stopped the band from moving forward and after two very inspiring rehearsals with two really cool vocalists we’ve decided to begin our auditions. We’re looking for some cool guys or girls that can really gel with the rest of the band and contribute to the musical vision of Proscenium.

If you are a singer wanting to apply we are looking for someone with great power and range but also the ability to write great melodies and lyrics. We’re looking for someone who can sing clean but preferably with a bit of grit in their voice. You don’t have to be an opera singer, just a great singer.

For the keyboard masters out there we’re looking for somebody who is capable of blazing lead lines but who can also play and create a variety of sounds and textures. 

If you want to join Proscenium please message us on here or through our email with your details. Please include previous experience, equipment, transport and videos or audio of you performing or anything else you think we should know!