Brian Head Welch book signing.

Brian Head Welch will be telling his story and meeting fans (signing books) in Cardiff prior to the Korn/Limp Bizkit show on Sunday 18 December at 2pm. Venue: Freedom Church (5 minutes from concert venue) 

Brian “Head” Welch is the co-founder and lead guitarist of the Grammy Award-winning, multi-platinum metal band KORN. He is also the bestselling author of the book “Save Me from Myself”, the account of his descent into addiction and subsequent recovery and conversion to faith in Jesus-Christ in 2004. He left Korn in 2005.

In May 2016, Brian published the follow-up story of his return to Korn, “With My Eyes Wide Open”. This new book is the guitarist’s account of the brutal, eye-opening and decade-long trial by fire after leaving Korn, from the perils of fathering a teen lost in depression and self-mutilation to the harsh realities of playing solo and surviving in the music business. In this intense redemption saga, perhaps the most inspiring is Brian’s radical decision to rejoin Korn and reconcile with the tribe of people he once considered family. Told with humour and no-holds-barred frankness, the raw and brutally honest follow-up to his 2007 bestseller “Save Me From Myself “will appeal to a wide range of readers. “With My Eyes Wide Open” is truly an inspiring story. 

Brian will be telling his story and will also be signing copies of his books, which will on sale at the venue. 

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