Live music here…

The Music Venue Trust have put together a simple plan for music venues across the UK to get a hashtag trending on Twitter.

#‎livemusichere‬ 5pm. Fridays.

As discussed elsewhere and at our regional meetings, we want to enable venues to take collective control of social media activity promoting each gig, but especially on Fridays between 5pm and 7pm.

By working together we can achieve this whilst still maintaining our independent online identities. Simply insert the hashtag #livemusichere into any post on twitter or Facebook. If all 200 plus venues in the MVA did this at 5pm on Friday, this would be a trending topic.

This is an incredibly simple thing we can do together which could substantially boost awareness of shows and, importantly, awareness of how large the network is. We want to choose one hashtag that achieves this so that we jointly ‘own’ it and can perhaps use it for other purposes; we are creating an online calling card for grassroots music venues.

The more venues and artists use this hashtag, the bigger impact it will have. Just insert #livemusichere into planned tweets, or ask the bands performing to tweet using that hashtag. We are doing a soft launch on this to gauge take up.

5pm. Fridays. #livemusichere

Let’s hope that the hashtag can start trending this week.