Giles and CJ take a break from Triaxis.

A statement just released to the band’s Facebook page. 🙁 Good luck guys. Hope to see you back soon.

Important Announcement from CJ and Giles:

It is with a heavy heart that we have to announce that Giles and I have decided to take a break from our beloved Triaxis.
This may come as a shock, but to those who are involved in a band/the music business will know that being in a band is a big commitment and at times can be all-consuming in many ways.

There is no other reason for us taking the break, other than it has been 10 years of the band being a massive part of our lives and we’d like some time off. 
There are no musical differences – the music is awesome! 
There are no fallings out – we love all our bandmates dearly and the line up is the strongest it has ever been!
This has not been an overnight decision, and has been on the cards for a little while. But we wanted to ensure that Zero Hour met its potential, and that we did the fans justice.

We co-founded Triaxis almost 10 years ago (wow!) and over that time Triaxis has grown from a couple of folks playing covers of our favourite bands, to the Europe-touring-Festival-playing-beast that it is today. Over the years we have recorded and released 3 full length albums (plus demos and eps), played major UK festivals and spread our wings across into Europe. There have been many sleepless nights, a lot of sweat, several pairs of leather trousers, a lot of broken drumsticks, some tears and luckily not much blood, but it doesn’t compare to the belly aching laughs, face hurting smiles and windmilling joy that being in a band brings. It is so much more than playing an instrument and I can honestly say we gave it our all, through the tough times and the awesome. We are so proud of those achievements and it is an irreplaceable experience that we will cherish forever.

Although Giles and I will be taking a break, Triaxis will continue. Krissie, Glyn and Becky are on the hunt for top quality musicians to fill our studded boots.

For how long we will be away, we do not know, and whether we will return at this stage we cannot say. I’ll be completely honest that right now the thought of someone else onstage in Triaxis, instead of Giles and I, feels… very weird and sad, but I am sure you will all support them into this next phase of the Triaxis story, as will we.

But all is not lost, we aren’t running to the hills just yet! We will be gigging up until the end of March 2016. So get down to London, Cambridge, Birmingham and Seven Sins Festival to see us play and send us off with a smile.

Thank you to our family, friends and the fans for your never ending support. Those that have followed us from the very beginning, and those that have just recently found Triaxis.

And of course a big thank you to our bandmates – Krissie, Glyn and Becky – for their support and understanding, their hard work and musicianship. It’s been a hell of a ride \m/

Love CJ & Giles 


On behalf of Glyn, Becky and myself, we want to thank CJ and Giles for absolutely everything.

Without them there would be no Triaxis and while we are sad that they’ve decided a break is needed, we support them wholeheartedly. We’ve done some crazy stuff that we never thought we’d do and have so many amazing memories, not least three full length albums that we’re all very proud of.

We hope our wonderful fans respect CJ and Giles’s decision, just as we do. We will miss them on stage, on the road and in the rehearsal room but they don’t get rid of us that easily off stage. We have forged friendships that surpass the confines of the band, and for that I am truly grateful. So I encourage our fans to get to one of the gigs this month or in March and let’s send CJ and Giles off with a bit of a bang.

We will be looking for a guitarist and drummer to fulfil our current touring commitments and start a new chapter in the Triaxis story, details of how to apply will be released in the next few days.

We wish CJ and Giles nothing but love for the next chapter of their lives and hope one day to share the stage with them again, when the time is right.

Thank you for everything, Wilsons.

Much love,
Krissie, Glyn and Becky