Florence Black needs you

Triaxis did it, Skindred have done it and now Florence Black need your help. Pledging for music is becoming more popular with bands turning to fans for help with the financial cost of producing the music that they love.

Florence Black are a three piece band from Merthyr who’s mission is to bring Rock and Roll to the Valleys. They’re not doing a bad job of things either. 

To help them achieve this goal then, they have turned to PledgeMusic and have put up a number of offers to help raise the funds they need to get the best in the business to help.

With a tonne of new tracks ready to record, with your help we can get it done.

We want to use some of the best people in the industry to help us achieve this and make a killer CD. The CD will then be launched at an invite only gig, at a secret location in South Wales to celebrate your help and support. The Music industry needs to listen Florence Black, and with promo and radio play this will become a reality. 
Join us in making this happen, and be part of the FB fam.

All Pledger’s will receive a FREE download of Honey Your Away…. A previously UNRELEASED killer track as a thank you !!!!

Florence Black

They’re off to a good start and they’ve a number of days left to reach their target. Let’s hope that they can get where they need to get to.

Pledge Here