Hangfire Album Update

Here we are a year on and many many of you are asking us what is going on the Hang Fire, well listen up, here’s the latest…

Tempting Fete is complete and it’s sounding fantastic, we can’t wait to get it out there and we are hoping to confirm details of how you can get your hands on this classic southern rock bombasticly power grinding crunchtastic future classic, very soon!

Now for the serious stuff.
Bob Goo has decided to part company with the band. We wish Bob all the very best for his future, whatever that may be, best wishes to our rock n roll brother.

This leaves a bass playing position free within one of the best southern Welsh Rock bands in the U.K.

We are opening this opportunity up to anyone in the UK who feels they can make a positive contribution to HangFire.

*You will need to have a very cool vibe and look.
*You will have professional gear.
*You will travel without question from where you are to gigs and rehearsals.
*You will nail the bass and you will be able to sing/shout back up vocals as and when required.
*You will be able to travel to gigs and be prepared to give your time for gigs / recording.

Do you want it?? Give it your all and you could be in..
PM us on Facebook, or email HangfireRocks@gmx.com.