Don’t let live music die.

There’s a lot written about classic live music venues that are under threat from complaints about the noise from the numpties that moved in next door.  We’ve touched on the subject as Le Pub in Newport faces closure unless they can raise enough money to complete a soundproofing.(

However, there is a chance that live music venues can be saved. Frank Turner former vocalist for the band Million Dead has given venues a chance. He’s recorded a plea to Culture Secretary Sajid Javid MP, calling on him to work with the UK’s Music groups on the Agent of Change principal.

Under the Agent of Change principle, an apartment block to be built near an established live music venue would have to pay for soundproofing, while a live music venue opening in a residential area would be responsible for the costs. A resident who moves next door to a music venue would, in law, be assessed as having made that decision understanding that there’s going to be some music noise, and a music venue that buys a new PA would be expected to carry out tests to make sure its noise emissions don’t increase. Agent of Change says the person or business responsible for the change is responsible for managing the impact of the change.

Please sign the petition at AND tell your friends. Use our social media links here. Let’s get some change.