Pledge for Triaxis’ New Album

Triaxis have launched a 30 day initiative to help finance their next album. The site went live this morning (1/9/14) and at the time of writing (just about midnight on the same day), the band have smashed their target.

A 30 day campaign to raise funds to help record the as yet untitled third album has hit 108% in less than 24 hours.

CJ said on Facebook earlier today:

Our Triaxis Pledge Campaign has JUST gone live!!! Help us make Album 3 an all-singing and all-dancing reality! You can pledge as low as £2 to get an unreleased track, or go all out and get loads of exclusive merchandise. I ask all friends and family to help by pledging what you can – and you get shiny things in return as well as a warm fuzzy feeling that you are helping homegrown British heavy metal. Thank you all, and a prewarning, I will be posting about this a lot over the next 30 days. Thanks everyone in advance. xxxxxxxx

Within 4 hours, pledges reached 25%, within 8 hours it was at 50%. The Triaxians have now secured a third album and the continuation of the Triaxis story.

Add your pledge here: