Save Le Pub

Newport’s Le Pub venue is under threat of closure as neighbours complain about the noise from a venue that’s hosted live music for 22 years.

Le Pub needs to be soundproofed and this is going to cost between eight and ten thousand pounds to do. The venue has turned to crowdfunding to try and raise as much cash as they possibly can to keep going.

This has really got to stop. We understand the right for people to live in their homes in peace but to close these venues because of a minority voice is just unbelievable.

Le Pub’s Indiegogo website explains it all:
“You love music. We love music. Our neighbours…not so much. Help us soundproof the roof. Iconic South Wales music venue Le Pub has been threatened with closure over noise complaints.

Le Pub has been a live music venue for 22 years in the heart of Newport City Centre, bringing international bands into Wales for the first time, and supporting and nurturing local talent too. From the first ever Skindred gig, bringing hardcore punk band Trash Talk to the UK, and supporting Kids in Glass Houses from 100 capacity shows through to arena tours. Helping support the local music scene is important to us, as is providing a safe and fun place for friends to gather on the weekend. Voted NME’s best Small Venue in Wales last year, we host everything from hardcore gigs to comedy nights, charity fundraising events and vintage sales, support local business and sell a world class range of ales and spirits unrivaled in the city.

Unfortunately, this might all change soon. Due to government legislation all complaints have to be investigated and a viable solution for local residents has to be found. As a city centre venue our only option is to minimise any sound pollution through insulation. We have already taken steps towards this goal by installing specialist glass and insulating our skylights. However it looks like this is not enough and we need help to further insulate the roof itself.

We are extremely disappointed in finding ourselves in the position where we are having to crowd fund to ensure our venue stays open. But this is where we are at: Le Pub will not remain open unless we are able to soundproof the building and we need to raise £10,000 to do so. We’re not expecting handouts, and have planned a range of rewards for every donation, as well as a series of events in celebrating everything that Le Pub stands for. From Le Pub branded glasses, cocktail masterclasses, and recording sessions, through to gigs and parties, there’s a range of rewards for everybody.”

Visit our #savelepub blog, and submit your own stories of Le Pub:

And don’t forget to sign the petition to change this legislation!

I urge you to visit the site and give what you can to the campaign to keep this venue. It’s a vital part of the Welsh Music scene and we can’t lose another great venue.